Supporting Health and Social Care Services in Achieving Regulatory Compliance and Improving Quality of Life for Individuals


Care Comply’s mission is to support services in ensuring people receive high quality and safe health and social care services delivered by informed staff in a culture of continuous improvement and best practice.…


Care Comply is passionate about helping healthcare providers improve the quality of life of every person in their care by offering training, products and services. Care Comply is committed to assisting services in achieving compliance with the care and welfare regulations in residential services for a) older people and b) people with disabilities. 

Care Comply actively sources systems that will have a direct positive impact on improving the quality of peoples’ lives such as RemindMecare which is now available in Ireland through Care Comply.

Care Comply works with service providers to assess if the necessary practices, policies, and procedures are in place to sufficiently address regulatory requirements, guide staff and ensure standardised service delivery and continuous quality improvement. 


Care Comply was founded by Patricia Tully who has extensive experience of front line work and management…


Training on a wide range of compliance and regulatory topics delivered through customised sessions…


Since the enactment of the Care and Welfare Regulations and associated Standards in residential…

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