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Care Comply was founded by Patricia Tully who has over 35 years experience of healthcare service development, delivery and management and six years experience in regulation of health and social care services.

Career experience includes Occupational Therapist in Mental Health, Older Persons Services, Primary Care and Acute Care, HSE, Regional Disability Services Manager, Regulation of Residential Services, Health and Social Care Consultant.

This extensive and broad experience informs the customised support, mentoring and training offered to service providers based on collaborative assessment of needs and goals.

Patricia’s wealth of experience includes 6 years working in HIQA across a number of departments and previous multifaceted experience as an employee of the HSE in different parts of the country. Patricia is recognised for her skills and abilities. She has been a pioneer in the past in setting up new services such as occupational therapy services and resource centres for children and adults with physical and sensory disabilities.

Patricia’s education, training, and development expertise positively supports change environments, delivering tangible productive results for her clients. Her professional background is in Occupational Therapy. During her career she completed the IPA Healthcare Management diploma and is qualified as a life and business coach. 

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