RemindMecare (ReMe) is now available in Ireland through Care Comply

RemindMecare, also known as ReMe has been proven to result in a positive impact on the lived experience of people with dementia or with cognitive impairment. 

ReMe captures a person’s distinctive identity portrait and provides opportunities for people to participate in meaningful activities, appropriate to his or her interests, preferences and capabilities. 

ReMe is an integrated IT system that captures a person’s life story in words, pictures and recordings which link the persons’ interests and capabilities to a whole range of activities and programmes such as music, film, quizzes, exercise and other activities including relaxation, games or seasonally themed subjects to prompt communication.

The range of activities or programmes can be used with an individual or a group so ReMe is a great asset in a person’s home or in a residential service. 

The outcome of the bespoke activities, that include reminiscence, cognitive stimulation and music therapies, is a unique Data set  called ELR (Electronic Life Records – preferences, habits, mood, wellbeing, memories, life story, family information, etc.) that populate a personal profile and My Story which holds an ever growing repository of knowledge of the person. This knowledge is a powerful tool in enhancing person centred care at home and in residential or acute settings. Knowing more about the person helps staff connect with them and avoid triggers that cause agitation thus reducing premature medicating through improved understanding, communication and delivering activities that optimise engagement. 

ReMe promotes communication with the involvement of the person with dementia or cognitive impairment, their relatives and their carers. It is adaptable to people’s changing needs and circumstances. ReMe meets reporting requirements for HIQA.

Care Comply also believes ReMe can play a key role in meeting the requirements of the Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Act 2015 in how the system gathers and stores data on the person, their preferences and choices over time. The new decision-making supports can be identified in the person’s circle of support and the platform facilitates communication by email with the person’s circle.

ReMe goes beyond improving person centred care. ReMe positively impacts on staff morale, improves communication through meaningful engagement between persons in receipt of care and their carers, reduces paperwork, automates reporting and simplifies activity creation, thus saving time and money. 

For those cared for at home and families, ReMe provides remote connectivity, care management and support, whilst for care businesses, the system can be integrated with care planning software and Alexa. 

ReMe offers a breadth of business tools, including regulatory reporting and client acquisition.

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